H 37χρονη πια Rachael Farrokh παλεύει για πάνω από δέκα χρόνια με το “τέρας” της νευρικής ανορεξίας.

Η πάθηση της στέρησε τη δουλειάς της ενώ πλέον είναι τόσο αδύναμη που δεν μπορεί ούτε να μετακινηθεί μόνη της και χρειάζεται βοήθεια από άλλα άτομα. Η Rachael μετάς βίας φτάνει τα 18 κιλά σε βάρος. Έχει όμως πάντοτε στο πλεύρό της τον σύζυγό της ο οποίος παραιτήθηκε από την εργασία του για να την φροντίζει.
Η ίδια εξομολογείται on camera τον Γολγοθά της.

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Shocking: In the footage, she explains how her condition has severely declined in recent months, leaving her emaciated, breathless and too weak to move around on her own at her San Clemente home. Above, Ms Farrokh is filmed being helped to her feet by her husband, Ron Edmondson, who is now her full-time caregiver

Ms Farrokh relaxes in a chair before her condition took hold

She poses with her husband prior to her illness

Weak: In the video, Ms Farrokh says Mr Edmondson (both pictured), has had to quit his job to become her 24-hour caregiver, while area hospitals won't treat her because her 'dangerous' weight makes her a 'liability'

Desperate: 'There is one hospital across the country that can help, and my chances are very slim. We need your help,' a gaunt-looking Ms Farrokh says in the video, asking viewers to donate 'anything you can'

Couple: Ms Farrokh met Mr Edmondson, 41, while he was working as a personal trainer at her longtime gym. Prior to her battle with anorexia, she was beautiful, healthy woman, Mr Edmondson said. Above, the couple are pictured in a Facebook photo taken years ago - before Ms Farrokh suffered the severe decline in her illness

Sick: Ms Farrokh said a sudden job loss and a painful memory from her past had allowed anorexia to creep in

In need of help: In the YouTube video, Ms Farrokh's chest bones can be seen sticking up through her skin, her face is gaunt and her knee bones jut out of her legs. Above, Ms Farrokh is noticeably anorexia in 2014